Main Website Back Up and Running

The main website is now working again, here, so I won’t be updating this back-up for a while. However, this experience has reminded me to take more regular back-ups: I had it all offline up to Jan 2013, and was in the process of pulling the rest from Google Cache before the site got restored a couple of hours ago. I have no idea if the same problem might happen again, as it was due to an automated Google process. A bit worrying they can just flick the off switch like that with no warning. 😉

But, if it does, then hopefully this back-up will still be here, whereupon I’ll bring it up to date. To anyone who has subscribed to the WordPress blog, that does mean you’ll get a load of emails at that point, which is what will also have happened over the last three days as I’ve been updating. So I wouldn’t recommend subscribing to this WordPress feed unless the blog goes down again and I have to use this one. Instead, subscribe to the main site here. 😀


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